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Professional Services

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Professional Services

Contract administration

We provide Contract Administrator and Principal Designer services for repair, refurbishment and alteration projects. This includes managing the tender process and the construction phase from inception through to completion. Our years of experience help our clients to feel in confident and in control of their contract agreements.

Benefits of this service

Clear management of the contract.
Reduces pressure on our clients.
Providing solutions to issues that can arise.
Mitigation of risk.
Quality control.
Professional Services


In order to know exactly what you are getting from the start of a project you need a list of requirements in a document that a contractors are able to understand. We've got you covered. We know exactly what it takes to prepare bespoke industry standard specifications.

Benefits of this service

It provides clear instructions on the intent, performance and construction of the project.
It can reference the quality and standards which should be applied.
Materials and manufacturers' products can be clearly defined.
Professional Services

Building surveys and reports

Commercial building owners, commercial tenants and facility mangers face multiple issues with defects associated with the buildings fabric. A comprehensive report will outline the buildings condition and spotlight any defects and points of further investigation for a building owner or occupier to be aware of. Our surveys and reports provide you with the needed awareness to take action and keep in step with the compliance demands.

Benefits of this service

An awareness of compliance issues.
Ability to prioritise defects.
Bespoke approach to remedial methods.
Professional Services

Advice on licence to alteration

This is a formal written document granted by a landlord for approval to carry out improvements or alteration works. Whether you are a landlord wanting to protect your investment or a tenant wanting a fresh look to your business premises get in touch. Our aim is to make this as straightforward as possible.

Benefits for tenants

Aligns with lease obligations and mitigates breaches to lease terms
Minimise the risk of delays

Benefits for landlords

Protects the asset for future investment
Ensures the lease holder sticks to the agreement